The art of word and image


I have been keeping journals since 1996 and now have volumes of spiral bound chapters of my life stacked on shelves in the studio where I write. In the process of reading past journals it became clear to me that within my ordinary life I have lived some incredibly rich stories. These stories came into focus day by day as words formed on journal page and writing became a tangible form of exploring days lived and experiences thought about. I write with colored markers which modifies the "usualness" of daily writing as does, I suppose, a recognition of change and follow through. Focus turns to an unpronounced flow of words which produces image. Like an affirmation read at daybreak and carried throughout the day, words of solution are worth repeating in layers. I limit the scale of a day to one page and often write on top of of the first layer. All words are important and imbued with intentional energy while caprice manages color. A new perspective seeps through the visible layer of conscious thought. The image under these words forms from photo or design and may come first or last. Writing words and writing until all words are written becomes art and here, at this point, there are no more words.

                                                                                                                                                                        Lissa Lord