The art of word and image

7 Layers

A bringing forth into the world kind of energy ...
labor pushing the making of art.
Letters, words, layers of letters and words
whisper under my skin and ease out of me 
christening an authentic self ... and I know her
I knew her before my time.

Pass the mirror and pause, see the smile?
Reflection? A bonny woman ...
“Oh! Here you are!” I say,
“So nice to see your smile again.”

This is where my art takes me.
Whatever art and whatever person, the
impression is like saying “hello” to my oldest friend.

“Dear one, how wonderful. How as it should be ...
to be seeing you now. Have you seen my art?
It is you, isn’t it? It is fulfillment, isn’t it?”

Reverie ... music, tiny bells and triangle tap a
thrilling tune traveling the night air. Steadily ...
I know that life is art and within this art, joy.